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Perfect Ten Mature Dating Game

Before I get started, I want to say that all of this is based on having something attractive about yourself that has nothing to do with what you say to a girl. Some of you may have a pretty face. Some of you may be tall and well built. Some of you may be buff. And some of you may be REALLY well dressed or look like you have money. And some of you may have any combination of the above.

Before any of the lesser attractive men start booing and hissing, I just want to say that since I've never been an unattractive guy, I have no real data on if this will work if you're an unattractive guy, but chances are, it won't. You've seen the guys on Tool Academy, and the guys on Hot Chicks With Douchebags, and if you look closely, almost every single guy has some kind of attractive physical quality, whether it's his muscles, height with a good build (gangly and goofy looking tall guys don't count), pretty face, or dressed like he has money.

Let me describe my childhood with mature women for a second, as to give you a little background. I have always been a fairly quiet guy around mature women. However, I have always been the guy to get the girl. My only guess as to why this is, is because I would ignore the hell out of mature women in my social scene, all of my friends would hit on them, and the girl would end up chasing after me. Although I didn't have any real approach "game", so to speak, doing the above has always gotten me the girls.

The same thing still occurs. If I am in any social circle, and I keep quiet, eventually, the mature women will start chasing after and hitting on me. This happened in a lot of my college classes, in the dorms, and happened when I was at any social event and I kind of kept to myself. However, this only worked when I was locked into a group of people. Obviously, if there are tens of or hundreds of guys, I'm not going to get noticed, as there is just too much going on.


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Now let's move on to the bar scene, where things got really interesting. Any and almost EVERY time I'd be hanging out with a friend who had girls with him or found girls he approached, the girls would do one of two things: they'd ask my friends if I was gay (because they couldn't stand that I was ignoring them), or they'd ask my friends why I was so quiet and try to talk to me. Obviously, if you were an unattractive guy, the girls didn't care about you. However, every single time, they always made an inquiry about me.

But what about you readers that ARE physically attractive? Why doesn't this happen to you? Looking at my attractive friends, they usually do one of two things. One, they immediately start drooling over the girl and she loses interest, or two, they say something stupid and idiotic that turns the girl off. However, when you are an attractive guy that gives them absolutely no attention, it burns them inside, and thus they become attracted to you.

Alright, now let's talk about some of the events in my blog stories. I'm going to refer to some of the events that I can remember off of the top of my head. In one instance, I was with VK, and as a girl that was a perfect ten walked by, I yelled out "she's fat" and kept walking in the other direction. The girl immediately turned around, came back towards me, and was like putty in my hand, completely ignoring her friend who was telling her to come on.

In another instance, I had met another perfect ten, she extended her hand, and I just looked at it and kind of ignored her. I could not get rid of that girl. In another instance, I was just casually saying goodbye to my friends at BoMA, and since I didn't know the girl they were with (who was also a perfect ten), I had completely ignored her and walked away. She had got up off of her chair, chased me down, and started talking to me. There are several instance of this in my blog if you read the stories.

Alright, so how do you score a girl that is a perfect ten? First, you have to be a physcially attractive guy. You don't have to be perfect (I consider my face to be a 7), but just physically attractive. I think that if you ignore a girl or playfully tease her and you aren't physically attractive, it doesn't hold any real weight. What initiates the chase, is that you in fact, look like a guy that gets girls, hence, why the girl in my last story kept asking me if I had a girlfriend and insisting that I had to have one.

Secondly, you have to grab her attention somehow. If she's in your social circle, then ignore this paragraph, as she is already aware of you. However, if you are in a crowded bar, it can be difficult since there are a lot of physically attractive men. So what's going to grab her attention almost right away? Playfully teasing her just ONCE. What got the attention of these girls that I wasn't "locked in" with so to speak, is that I playfully teased them with just one comment. More than one comment, then you're just a try-hard.

Next, as soon as you deliver the comment, you have to immediately move on. In almost all of those instances in my stories, after I had delivered the comment, I immediately moved on. When you deliver a tease and you continue to give her your full attention, you give her the chance to refute, and it also makes it look like you are objective based. When you stay there after the comment, your words aren't lined up with your actions. However, when you walk away, your actions are in line with your words; it adds authenticity to the idea that you are not attracted to her at all. Attractive mature women ABSOLUTELY can't stand this.

What happens, is they will HUNT. YOU. DOWN. At some point, they're going to try to approach you and get validated. This is when you IGNORE THEM, as you would a girl in your social circle. This will eat away at their souls. Initially, I won't even make eye contact with them. I will give them one word responses, and turn my head and body completely away from them. By now, she should be ON YOU: in your ear, tugging at your arm, trying to make you pay attention to her.

Now, you will have her undivided attention. This next part only comes with experience, or what some call "calibration". When you feel that she respects you, you can now give her your full attention and have a real conversation with her. She has worked for you, and therefor, she now respects you. The perfect tens want men that they have to work for and are going to be a challenge. This is how you do it:

Step 1) Deliver just ONE playful tease and immediately walk away (or keep walking if you're already in motion).

Step 2) Ignore her while she chases. (be a challenge and make her work for your attention).

Step 3) When you feel that she respects you, give her your full attention.

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